Saturday, February 4, 2017

Preserves taste test, February 2017

Instead of a garden recap for January--which is basically the same as December and November, i.e. not much going on--I thought I'd report about my preserves!

Since my last taste test, I've opened a few more jars of preserves.  Here's my results.

Apple chutney, from wild harvested apples and garden onion and garlic

I made this in September from apples picked at our local country park.  They were lovely big round yellow apples, fairly tart.  When I made it I tasted the batch and it was really too sharp to eat then.  We opened a jar last month and the husband has been eating it with his cheese and ham at lunch.  It's still a bit sharp for me, but a little bit is ok.  The husband however pronounced it delicious and has already finished off a full 1 L jar!  Result:  5*

Green tomato relish

This was also made in September, to use up all my green tomatoes when the plants succumbed to blight.  We've finished off a jar, and started on a second:  it goes well as a salsa substitute, though not quite as tasty.  Result:  4*

Medium jar of pickled zuccini

The zuccini for this came from a friend's garden, and I made it in August.  I wanted to make dill pickled zuccini but couldn't find dill at the store (and have been trying and failing to grow it for years:  slugs seem to love it), so I made a coriander and mustard blend instead.  The pickles themselves are lovely and crisp, and the underlying flavor of the zuccini is nice enough, but I think the malt vinegar I used was too strong and the spices were too unusual.  The pickles are ok, but not the best.  I'll make them again if I can, but choose a milder vinegar and order some dill online.  Result:  3*

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