Saturday, February 25, 2017

Start of spring sowing

Wide shot of vegetable garden beds in winter with garlic and broccoli plants growing
Garlic and broccoli, mainly
Now coming up to March, when the sowing begins in earnest, I'm getting a head start on the earliest plants.  Inside, I sowed a small tray of lettuce and spring onions, which have already been transplanted to the cold frame on my patio.  Also inside, next to the artichoke crowns growing merrily, is a tray of onions from seed.  I grew them from sets last year, and while some were of moderate size, none were big.  Some didn't grow much at all.  I thought I'd save money and grow from seed this year, which usually give me small to medium onions too.

In late autumn I planted out some shallot bulbs, many of which are sprouting well.  This week I planted another 20, though they had to go in the Misc. bed as the Roots bed is now pretty full:  I sowed three rows of parsnips too.  I've never grown shallots or parsnips before, here's hoping they survive.

In the Peas and Beans bed, I planted out some newly sprouting mange tout peas;  last year I started sprouting them in a bag before sowing, this resulting in a higher success rate than sowing without sprouting.  I don't know what happens to them, if it's birds, mice, slugs or what, but they just don't appear.  I've got a similar bag with broad beans which haven't sprouted just yet--soon, though.  I've two rows of autumn sown broad beans growing (pre-sprouted, too), though pretty small yet.

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