The Plan

2017 Garden Plan 
(3rd Edition)


The Garden will provide food for the household year round plus surplus (storage, gifts, sales, etc).  It will produce all vegetables, all eggs, some meat.  It will produce seasonal fruit, habitat for wildlife, and some feed for on site animals.  It will also be a beautiful, tranquil place with areas for relaxation, socialising, and meditation.  It will provide firewood for barbecues, herbs for cooking and minor remedies, and some craft materials (flowers for arrangements, willow for weaving, etc).

From 20 June 2017 till 20 November 2017, I have imposed a ban on buying vegetables.  We are allowed to buy all kinds of fruit (see note below).  We are allowed to consume vegetables obtained for free such as gifts, trades, foraging, etc.

1 Year Goals (Jan 2018)
  • Make/buy/obtain food dehydrator
  • Build and outdoor rocket stove
  • Reduce chicken feed to 20 kg (1 bag) per month
  • Erect a fence/wall in front garden and deep mulch front beds
  • Extend self-sufficiency in vegetables by 1 month (5 months total)
5 Year Goals (Jan 2023)
  • Fully self-sufficient in vegetables and seasonal fruit
  • Raising/breeding meat and replacement layers
  • Greenhouse erected 
Read 2016's Plan. 

Note:  although it may seem like exploiting loopholes, any kind of fruit is allowed, including "salad fruits" such as peppers, avocados, cucumbers, etc.

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